Dark-N-Dense Pack 200g

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How to use Dark-N-Dense Pack? To ½ cup water add 1 tsp Roopada Plus & mix properly. To this solution add 3 tsp Dark-N-Dense pack & and keep for 10 minutes. Apply on the scalp with gentle massage & wash after 10 minutes with plain water. Also one can add 1 tsp Dark-N-Dense pack to Tricho-Neutri or Sebo-Rough pack for better results.

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A research based pack for different scalp conditions. Suggested in Alopecia areata, Pre-mature graying, Improving hair color, Improving density of hair, Hair growth Boosting. Contains botanicals: Jatamansi : improves hair growth & stimulates hair roots. It also calms down the mind.  Amla: Has natural Vitamin C and maintains the pH of scalp. Bavanchi, Maka (Bhringaraj) & Curry Leaves act as color improver for hair. They stimulate melanocytes in the matrix of the hair improving hair color and reduces premature graying.  Jeyshthamadh, methi and Nagarmotha nourish the hair root, thereby stimulating the hair growth and making hair more dense and darker.  Chemical Actives: Copper oxide: It stimulates melanocytes.  Externally copper improves hair color and also stimulates hair growth.  Calcium Pentothenate: B-5 improves scalp condition. It improves hair color-texture & supports hair growth. Acids in pack maintain scalp & hair pH.  Niacinamide: makes the hair denser. It stimulates hair formation in the hair follicles. Scalp and hair root stimulating counter irritants: Ginger and capsicum extracts when applied on the scalp, stimulate hair follicles on the scalp.  They provide better hair formation even in alopecia areata.

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