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Use Rahul Phate’s Scientific combing procedure daily morning and evening for 2-3 minutes and save your scalp and hair Naturaally.

Avoid very harsh and fast combing, it may damage your scalp and hair follicles.

Don’t comb on wet hair, it may damage the hair strands. Always towel dry the hair & apply Luster-X serum, Strengthe-N-Shine serum &/or Ana-zoom shine enhance for better texture on moist hair and comb afterwards.

If you have scalp acne, comb gently to avoid further scalp damage.

Use Rahul Phate’s Scalp Stimulating Combs for Scientific Combing!

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The first step in Rahul Phate’s Scientific Trichology is scientific combing, which is a special technique to stimulates the scalp & increases blood supply towards the scalp & hair follicles and reduces the need to use medicines to increase blood flow towards hair follicles. Must be properly learnt from the technical experts.

The main benefits of scientific combing includes:
1. This reduces the need of medicines which may have side effects.

2. Increases blood flow towards the scalp as well as hair follicles, thereby nourishing the hair roots.

3. Hair fall reduces drastically and hair growth is boosted.

4. Sebum accumulated on the scalp spreads evenly on the hair, thereby conditions the hair naturally & the oily scalp normalizes reducing hair fall.

5. The accumulation of dead tissue on the scalp reduces and the problem of dandruff reduces drastically.

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