Rahul Phates Ceta Life Celansing Lotion 100g

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Method of use: Apply 1 tsp of Ceta-Life cleanser on the skin with gentle finger tip massage for 2 minutes. Wipe off with dry absorbent cotton pad.

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Categories: Face Wash & Cleanser

Product Features: * Derived from Cetostearyl base which is considered to be the softest cleansing base for all types of skin. * Along with cleansing provides gentle protection to the skin. * Very effective cleanser for sensitive and dry kind of skin. Why Ceta-Life: Pre-Peel Cleanser? Skin needs balancing before the peeling procedure. The buffering action of cetyl and steryl bases balances the skin, and prepares it for peeling. Should be used before peeling on all types of skin, including oily skin. Can be used as the general purpose cleanser. Better results can be extracted by using Ceta-Life on the skin before synergistic peeling, Microdermabrasion, combination peels, and Chemical peels.

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