Dermo De-Tox Skin Detoxyfying Pack

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Can we use Dermo De-tox pack for Home care? Dermo De-tox pack can be used alone or with Roopada. When used in daily home care , provides better protection and de-toxification. Also imparts skin lightening and brightening. It is a better substitute for Sun screens for oily skin and Acne and pimples prone skin. Method of use: To 1 tsp Dermo De-tox pack add sufficient water to form smooth paste. Apply all over the face and neck with gentle massage. Keep for 10 min and wash off. When used after skin peeling it provides better protection to skin. Add ? tsp Dermo De-tox pack to ? tsp Roopada & 1 tsp water. Mix. Apply on face with gentle rubbing. Keep for 10 min. and wash off.

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Product Features: It is specifically designed to de-toxify the skin. The adsorbant and astringent molecules of Zinc oxide and activated base strongly adsorb the toxins purifying the skin. Toxins of microbial or environmental origin are responsible for damaging the skin & making it look more mature. Also the skin is easily prone to photo damage. Dermo-Detox pack prevents this. After every facial and skin treatment, application of Dermo De-tox pack removes external toxins and purifies the skin. Why Dermo De-tox pack ? It is a blend of natural adsorbents and skin purifying ingredients. It reduces skin irritation and inflammation. When applied on skin, the photo protecting molecules are deposited on the skin and they help protecting from UV rays. Helps reducing tan & boosts skin lightening.

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