De-Saline Shampoo Hard Water Softner Shampoo

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Who Should Use Spa Hydro-Cure Shampoo? If you are using water which is from well or bore and rich in metallic particles. Those who have hard water damaged rough hair. If the elasticity of the hair is reduced and hair breaks easily because of hardening. Metallic damage to the hair cuticle is reduced and the cuticles line up in proper way providing smooth.

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Hair Type: Hair and scalp affected by hard water and mineral deposits on hair and scalp.. Product specialities: Effectively chelates the metallic ions in water and reduces the hardness of water. Due to the chelation of the ions prevents metallic deposits on the hair and scalp and reduces hair fall and over oiliness of the scalp and hair. Advantages: Removes metallic deposits from hair strands thereby changing the texture of hair. Also improves moisture holding capacity of the hair strands.

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