Gaurangi Sunscreen Lotion 80g

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Method of use:
Apply sufficient amount of Gaurangi sun screen on the face with gentle massage. Apply all over the face hands and exposed parts of the body and leave on. Repeat after six hours as and when necessary.

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Product Features:

  • Designed of oily skin. Less oil, more moisture imparting formulation. 
  • Astringency of the formulation reduces oiliness of the skin. 
  • Effectively moisturizes the oily skin. 
  • Very effective post peeling sun protector. 
  • Protects the oily skin from photo damage. 

Why Gaurangi Sun screen?
Oily skin has its own requirements. Oiliness makes the skin more prone to tanning. Gaurangi mixes with the sebum providing mat look to oily skin and preventing tan. Along with photo protection, Gaurangi imparts skin lightening and softening. Gaurangi protects the oily skin from photon induced wrinkles. Astringent action of Gaurnagi reduces the oiliness of skin.

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