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Method of use: Apply Roopada-Dermo De-tox pack on the skin with gentle massage. Wash after 10 minutes. Apply Mela-shrink cream on all the hyper pigmentation patches. Keep applied for about one hour and merge into the skin. Keep overnight.

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Product Features: A combination of AHA +BHA: Disquamate the skin, and remove superficial melanin, at the same time helps penetration of melanin inhibitors towards melanocytes. It is most effective cream for aggressive skin lightening. Reduces Hyper-pigmentation in a very short span, and erases it slowly but completely. Also is an alternative treatment for very dark and resistant under-eye circles. It is one of the effective remedy to reduce the peri-oral melanosis. Why Melashrink- Skin whitening cream? .Because it is a classic combination of the skin lightening ingredients which lighten the skin at the same time it drastically reduces the hyper-pigmentation. Kojic Dipalmitate: It is Kojic acid derivative derived from fungus and suppresses the melanin formation in the melanocytes. Arbutin: it is isolated from Liquorice, and has melanocyte calming action. Glycine: Being a NMF supporting Amino acid, keeps intact, the hydration of the lower layers of epidermis thereby improving fairness. Sodium Ascorbil Phosphate: A stable form of Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and reduces hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide: Well Known hyper pigmentation reducing Vitamin B3. Vitamin A: Acts as antioxidant as well as cell rejuvenator. Ceramides: Rebuilds the protective membrane and reduce melanocytic aggravation. Allantoin ? to prevent skin irritation it protects the skin by minimizing irritation caused by surfactants.It supports the natural regeneration of the skin. Allantoin aids to protect skin against environmental and mechanical stresses such as shaving by helping the skin to maintain its integrity Liquorice Extract: Licorice extract contains glycyrrhizin and flavonoids, which are thought to produce anti-inflammatory action in the skin. Another substance found in licorice called liquiritin may help treat the skin-pigmentation disorder melasma.

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