Mrunalini-30 Sunscreen Lotion 80g

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Method of use: Apply lavishly on the face, neck, hands and exposed skin after every bath and also in the afternoon time while going out.

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Product Features: * Scientifically designed sun screen for moisture deficit- non oily skin. *More Zinc oxide and less Titanium Dioxide formulation for excellent results. * Provides transparency on the skin and does not make you look odd white. * Protects from sun rays and hydrates the skin at the same time. * Anti-oxidants in the sun screen provide protection from the free radicals. Why Mrunalini-30 Sunscreen? Effectively protects from UV rays and prevents tanning. Hydrates the skin and when used regularly prevents photo ageing of the skin. It imparts fairness to the skin when used on daily basis. Provised skin lightening effect and should be applied in the home as well to avoid indirect light effect on the skin. Best post facial-skin treatment protection. Effectively protects the skin after skin peeling. Gentle formulation with mild sensible fragrance.

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