Re- care Antioxidant Serum 500g

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Method of use: Massage 10-12 Drops of Re-care into the skin with gentle massage. Apply morning-evening. On top of it apply sunscreen at day time and Youth touch Anti-ageing cream at night.

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Product Features: Unique combination of skin lightening and anti-ageing factors. Aloe juice, Glycerin and glycine enhance moisturizing. Sodium Ascorbil phosphate is salable Vit C for anti-ageing & is a powerful and stable antioxidant. Niacinamide & Vit C lighten the skin. Vitamin A protects and texturizar the skin. Why Re-Care: Anti-oxidant serum? *Oxidative damage causes ageing, Sodium Ascorbil phosphate is a very effective anti-oxidant and a stable ingredient in the formulation which cannot be easily oxidized. *Aloe juice is supported with the humectants to protect moisture in the skin. *It balances the pH of the skin and induces shine-n-glow on the skin when applied morning and evening. * Along with antioxidant, anti ageing properties, Re-Care is also effective in skin lightening and preventing tan. * Oil free formulation for better results.

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