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Method of use: Professional Use: Add 1 tsp water to 1tsp of Roopada Plus, on the pre peeled skin. Massage with the sponge unit of brushing unit for 2-3 min and then use the brush of the brushing unit for 2 min. Wash off with water. Home Care use: Add ? tsp De-Toxifying pack to ? tsp Roopda plus, mix thoroughly with 1 tsp water. Massage gently on the skin. Wash off after 10 minutes. Indications: Large cystic acne, excessively oily skin, rough skin with pits and scars. Darkening and tanning of skin. Contra-indications: Not to be used on dry dehydrated skin. Roopada plus is stronger than Ropada oil control peel, if irritation persists discontinue using the product and shift to Roopada Oil control peel.

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Product Features: * Roopada Plus is the plus peel for more dead tissue and where the milder peels can not work. * Rapidly reduces the oiliness and dead tissue on the skin. * Makes the skin even and fair by removing all the excessive dead cells. * Very effective for scalp peeling and scalp acidification. * Drastically reduces scalp acne and pimples. Why Roopada Plus? Removes excess dead tissue and makes the skin soft and even. Very effective on the prominent large size acne and pimples. Effective peel for reducing the scars and marks formed by Acne and pimples. Can be used in home care with de-toxifying pack on skin with resistant acne. Can be used before all the facials on oily skin.

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