Spa Smoothie Body Wash 1000g

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Method of use: Apply one teaspoon of Spa Smoothie on the wet skin with gentle massage. Foam gently for 2-3 minutes. Wash off.

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Product Features: * The body wash which cleanses? softens?energizes. Does not dry out the skin and keeps the body fresh day long. * Natural Moisturizing factors prevent from moisture loss from the skin. Provides your skin with a thin coating cover of fine silicon, thereby keeping the moisture intact in your skin. * Glycine and Glutamic acid are the natural emulsifiers which support the hydration and moisture holding of skin. * Body care wash with acidic pH to prevent unnecessary microbial growth on the body and reducing body odour. Specially designed to foam gently, as excessive foaming dries out the skin and skin becomes rough with regular use. Why Spa Smoothie Body wash? One feels energetic with the aroma oils in the body wash. Suitable for every person of all age groups. It washes away the dirt, oil and other impurities revealing sparkling and smooth skin Best body care wash to be used daily instead of soap for better hygiene, healthy skin and reduced body odor. Also suitable for better cleansing and hygiene of private body parts.

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