Tejo Diamond Face Mask 100g

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Method of use: To 1 tsp of Inno-white face mask add 1 tsp water mix. Apply on face with gentle massage. Keep applied for 10 min. & wash of. Use twice a day for better results. How to use: To 1 tsp of Tejo Diamond face mask add 1 tsp water Mix, apply on face and neck with gentle massage, keep for 10 min. and wash off.

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Product Features: It is a creamy face pack for nourishing and strengthening your skin. The creamy base is supported with adsorbent activity of kaolin. Glycine and Glutamic acid are the amino acids which hold moisture in your skin for longer times. Sodium lactate is known for its skin lightening effect. Why Tejo-Diamond Face Mask? Experience the grace of complete hydration nourishment and skin glow in a single pack. When applied after skin peeling, it helps maintaining the skin balance and prevents skin damage. A complete face mask which can be used in all the skin conditions and after every facial on the skin. It provides hydration - Nourishment & Skin Lightening. It suits all types of skin. It is beneficial for dry to Normal skin. It is a Hypo-Allergic Formulation. No Colors, no Clogging of pores. Alcohol Free. Long Lasting action. Protects and firms the skin for youthful look.

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