Tejo-Life Emollient Cream 200g

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Tejo-Life Cream has skin softening and soothing effect. Tejo-Life moisturizes and prevents dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.  Best for facial massage.

How to Use: Apply on the skin with gentle massage till the product gets completely absorbed. leave on.

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Tejo-Life: Emollient Cream
Product Features:
It strengthens the epidermis & Dermis during facial massage. Effectively strengthens and tightens the skin.

Why Tejo-Life Emollient Cream?
Emollient creams help keep the skin hydrated by reducing water loss from the epidermis - the outer layer of skin. Tejo-Life Cream is humectant, lubricant & occluder. Occlusion provides a layer of oil on the skin's surface, thus slowing down water loss. A humectant enhances the surface of the skin's capacity to hold water. A lubricant reduces friction when anything rubs against the skin.

Method of use:
For facial massage, Apply 1tsp of Tejo-Life Cream & Massage into pre-cleansed skin till completely absorbed. Water can be used. 

Home care Use:
Cleanse the skin with ½ tsp Nirmal exfoliating lotion & apply Tejo-Life Emollient Cream on the skin with gentle massage. Keep overnight.

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