Tricho-Moist Scalp Moisturizer 400g

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How to Use: To 1tsp Tricho-Moist add 1tsp Water. Mix. Apply on the scalp with gentle massage. Comb softly. Keep Applied Overnight. Shampoo next morning. Apply 1/2 tsp on hair after every hair wash & leave on!

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When dryness affects your scalp & hair, Apply Tricho-Moist on the prior night of Shampooing. It is a Non-Sticky Moisturizer for scalp & Hair. Provides Shine & Glow. Reduces scalp dryness & itch. Reduces dry scaly Dandruff. Nourishes & strengthens Hair Roots. Perfect moisturizer for dry scalp, boosted with Vitamin A & E for scalp, nourishment. Calcium pentothenate (Vit B5) with oleic acid & L-Arginine boosts hair growth and helps reducing hair fall. Reduces dryness and pulling of scalp.

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