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Method of use: For facial massage, Apply one teaspoon of Tejo-Life Emollient Cream on the pre cleansed or peeled skin. Massage into the skin till completely absorbed. Water can be used as diluents. For Home care, just cleanse the skin with ? tsp Nirmal exfoliating lotion and apply Tejo-Life Emollient Cream on the skin with gentle massage. Keep overnight. Tejo-Life is the cream specially suitable for extremely dry skin where it provides complete skin care benefit. Indications: Very effective cream for sensitive skin. Whenever you feel risk of getting skin sensitivity, use Tejo-Life cream for facial massage. Contra-indications: Not to be used on over oily and Acne Pimple prone skin.

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Product Features: * Tejo-life is a true nourishing cream to fulfill all the demands of your skin * It's a complete nourishing cream which strengthens your epidermis as well as Dermis during the facial massage * The cream which fills charm, glow and life in your skin. * When dry skin troubles you and dehydrated skin needs more then moisture and nourishment Tejolife is perfect choice *Also use for Strengthening and tightening the skin. Why Tejo-Life Emollient Cream? Emollient creams help keep the skin hydrated by reducing water loss from the epidermis - the outer layer of skin. Tejo-Life keep the skin moist and supple by providing a protective film. Tejo-Lige Cream is a humectant, lubricant and occluder. Occlusion provides a layer of oil on the skin's surface, thus slowing down water loss. A humectant enhances the surface of the skin's capacity to hold water. A lubricant reduces friction when anything rubs against the skin. This triple function helps skin cells on the surface of the skin to repair.

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