Rahul Phates Innovations : Hydrasmooth hydrating gel 80g

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Method of use: Apply on face and affected Skin Surface with gentle massage & Leave on.

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Product Features: It is natural soothing, anit-irritant and skin protectant that increases water content of extracellular matrix. It also promotes smoothness of skin, cell replication & healing of wounds, burns and scars. When skin reacts badly to allergens or toxic materials, Hydra-Smooth is the calming support to the allergic skin. Why Hydra-Smooth Gel? *It is a research formulation with Urea, Glycerin, Sea Weed extracts and Allantoin. *It possesses great moisture holding properties. It is best hydrating solution for acne as it hydrates as well as de-keratinizes the skin. *It Treats dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin. * Effectively treats skin irritation, skin itching and flaking. * Allantoin and sea weed extracts soften and moisturize hard keratin of external skin.* Makes the skin soft and smooth. * Oil free formulation for better results.

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