Inno White Face Mask 200g

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Can we use Inno-White face mask in Home care? This face mask can be used daily once for nourishing and uplifting the dry skin. Best face mask for mature, dry, and dehydrated skin. Best for post peeling home care. Method of use: To 1 tsp of Inno-white face mask add 1 tsp water mix. Apply on face with gentle massage. keep applied for 10 min. & wash of. Use twice a day for better results

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Product Features: A skin whitening Face mask with silky silicon which provides silky finish to the skin. Astringent skin tightening activity of Zinc oxide provides tightening of the skin and helps preventing sagging when applied after the facial massage. Anti-oxidant activity of Ascorbic acid provides protection from free radicals. Skin hydrating action of Glycine maintains hydration in the skin Rejuvenating activity of Vitamin A and Vitamin E maintains the youthfulness of skin. Why Inno-White Face Mask? Inno-White Face mask is a perfect face mask for providing protection as well as skin toning and nourishment. When applied after skin peeling, it helps maintaining the skin balance and prevents skin damage.

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