Inno-White Whitening concentrate 80g

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Method of use: Apply Roopada-Dermo De-tox pack on the skin with gentle massage. Wash after 10 minutes. Apply Inno-White Whitening concentrate on all the hyper pigmentation patches and Acne spots. Keep applied for about one hour and merge into the skin. For skin lightening, apply Inno-White Whitening concentrate after washing Roopada-De-tox pack and massage till completely absorbed. Massage about 1/4 th tsp of Inno-White Whitening Concentrate into the skin with gentle massage. use morning- evening. On top of it apply sunscreen during day time and moisturizing nourishing or anti -ageing cream at night time.

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Product Features: * Most Scientific combination of skin lightening ingredients which not only fights against hyper-pigmentation but also lightens & brightens the skin * The first skin lightening concentrate with rejuvenating, anti-oxidant and gentle exfolient activity * Most concentrated skin lightening formulation. * AHA and sodium lactate remove excess dead tissue and removing melanin helps skin lightening. * Sodium Ascorbil Phosphate is and anti-oxidant and most powerful skin lightening agent. It effectively lightens the skin and dark patches. Why Inno-White Whitening concentrate? Concentrated mixture of Kojic acid, Arbutin, Niacinamide, along with hydrating factors and allantoin erase out the dark patches from the skin. AHA-BHA combination strongly works with skin lightening concentrate. Allantoin supports natural repair of the skin along with peeling. Not only on dark patches but a very effective formulation for drastic skin lightening.

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