Madhugandha Nourishing Cream 50g

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Method of use: For facial massage, Apply one teaspoon of Madhugandha on the pre cleansed or peeled skin. Massage into the skin till completely absorbed. Water can be used as diluents.

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Product Features:

  • Made from Almonds, Saffron and genuine turmeric. 
  • Turmeric and saffron improves complexion when are blended with Niacinamide, a promising skin lightening ingredient. 
  • Almonds processed in a special way to provide direct nourishment to the skin. 
  • The facial massage cream with lingering fragrance to de-stress your mind and body. 

Why Madhugandha Nourishing Cream?
No petroleum jelly or Light liquid paraffin in the cream. Natural oils and almond enriched nourishment strengthens the dermis and boosts its capacity to produce Elastin and Collagen. Nourishment with skin lightening factors makes it special for the complete facial. It contains minimum chemicals maximum natural ingredients.

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Gender Men, Women, Unisex
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