Tricho - Neutri 200g

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How to use Tricho-Neutri Pack ?
To 1/2 cup water add 1 tsp Roopada Plus & mix properly. To this solution addd 3 tsp Tricho-Neutri pack & and keep for 10 minutes. Apply on the scalp with gentle massage & wash after 10 minutes with plain water.

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Contents: Herbal contents include- Amla, Bavanchi, Nagarmotha, Maka, Kachora, Santra Saal, gentle cleansers like Shikekai & scalp oiliness reducer like Ritha. Chemical actives contain: Calcium pentothenate, Arginine & Niacinamide. Role On Scalp: Designed specially for the male pattern balding scalp. It Reduces oiliness of the scalp provides de-debresing fo the scalp. Arginine improves blood circulation towards the hair roots. Calcium Pentothenate improves the scalp and hair texture. Niacinamide boosts hair growth by providing nourishment to developing hair roots. Who Needs Tricho-Neutri Pack? For male & female pattern balding.Very effective in reducing the androgen induced hair fall. Those who have oily scalp and oil induced hair fall.

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