Antioxidant MaX Questions and Answers

Antioxidant MaX

Questions and Answers:

1. Is it good to take antioxidant supplements?

They are generally concentrated on Antioxidants. Definitely antioxidants are very important molecules for better health, but how much of it? Daily one Antioxidant max for 3 months and then reduced to alternate day is better health support.

 2. How can I take Antioxidant MaX?

Antioxidant max can be taken with water, or you can boil a cup of water, open one capsule of Antioxidant MaX and add to one cup hot water, it serves as one of the best quality Antioxidant tea.

 3. Is it harmful to take Antioxidants for longer periods?

When you are loading yourself with high doses of Antioxidants, it’s definitely not recommended. But when it comes to Antioxidant MaX, it is basically made from the natural sources, curcumin from turmeric and green tea and green coffee extracts, thet is why Antioxidant MaX is a safe antioxidant.

 4. How does Antioxidant MaX help?

 Its main contents are natural Antioxidants. They prevent or slow down the damage to the cells that is caused by free radicals. The oxidative damage produced by the Oxidative Free  Radicals can definitely be reduced by the Antioxidants.

5. Is Turmeric a good Antioxidant?

Turmeric contains a powerful antioxidant Curcumin, it also has very good anti-inflammatory activity, however, the Curcumin content of Turmeric is not that high, for the antioxidant benefits you will have to take Curcumin supplements.

 7. Is Coffee a good source of Antioxidants?

Green coffee is known to be a good source of Antioxidants. It is better antioxidant then tea or cocoa, but most of the antioxidant activity of coffee is lost during roasting and processing of coffee beans. Therefore Green coffee extract is a better source of Antioxidants.

 8. Do antioxidants support weight loss?

All antioxidants are not supportive of weight loss, but the antioxidants extracted from green tea and green coffee are supposed to boost your metabolism thereby helping weight control.

 9. Can curcumin inhibit the virus?

Available scientific data says that curcumin has activity against virus and its beneficial role in HIV is already studied. But individual study with all kind of viruses is needed. Antioxidants stimulate immunity and curcumin is very good for the respiratory tract, it can be used for better healthy living.

10. Do antioxidants help Detox?

Daily our body gets loaded with several toxins. Several of these are of the free-radical type and certain are oxidative molecules. These can be definitely tackled with Antioxidants. Therefore Antioxidants work as internal cleansers for the body, thereby protecting and can be explained as good internal detoxifying agents.

11. Can you apply Antioxidants on the skin?

Antioxidants are definitely beneficial for the skin internally as well as externally. Adding ½ capsule of Antioxidants to Rahul Phate Dermo De-Tox pack, mixing it with water and applying on the face is the best way to protect the skin externally.

12. Can antioxidants be used externally for body care?

Mix 1 Antioxidant capsule with Rahul Phate Herb-N-Scrub 2 teaspoon and water, when applied all over the body can be beneficial. At least once a week antioxidant wash is needed by the body.

13. Can I suggest Antioxidant maX during pregnancy and to Lactating mother?

Antioxidants although are beneficial, during pregnancy and lactation, antioxidants must be taken with advice to the respective doctor.

14. Should couples take Antioxidants before planning a pregnancy?

Always Antioxidants are better supplements for body detox and cleansing. Also, antioxidants have multiple benefits. One may take Antioxidants during these periods, better consult your doctor before taking such supplements.

15. Should we recommend Antioxidants to children?

Children get their antioxidants from their diet normally, unless suggested, children do not require antioxidant supplements. For teenagers, one can use antioxidants in the normal regime.

16. What is the role of Antioxidants in hair loss?

Antioxidants limit the damage caused by free radicals to skin, at the same time when antioxidants are used along with hair care products, they help to fight against premature aging of hair detoxifies the hair roots as well.

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