Rahul Phate Aloeweed Anti-Oxidant Micro Nourishing Gel 200g

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A perfect combination that imparts excellent skincare. Aloe juice has healing properties. Seaweed extracts are hydrating. Wheat Germ oil and Vitamin E provide antioxidant protection. Lavender oil imparts complete rejuvenation and has anti-scarring properties.

How to use:

  1. For best results, use the product thrice daily. Apply Aloeweed gel in small dots on face and neck and massage gently into the skin till absorbed.
  2. It can be applied to hands, body, and legs for gentle hydration and oil-free moisturizing. Very effectively hydrates the dry-dehydrated scalp and can also be applied on the scalp and hair.

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Product Features:

1. Micro nourishing gel with hydrating and detoxifying properties. It helps moisturize, softening. Unique all-purpose gel for All types of skin, for men, women, teenagers, and children. One of the excellent gel for reducing burning and hot sensation of hands and feet.

2. Being a great source of vitamins – B6, Folic acid and E, wheat germ oil acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin. “Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant and it promotes healthy skin as it prevents many skin problems like dry skin.

3. Aloe juice, which is scientifically preserved have a calming effect on the skin and has been shown to help reduce itchiness and inflammation.

4. Aloe juice contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory. It can help soothing sunburns, acne, and dry skin.

5. Algae or seaweeds are fantastic for hydrating, revitalizing and toning the skin and can also help to reduce problems with acne, cellulite, and even wrinkles. By properly regulating the production of sebum, sea algae extracts provide proper hydration of skin, without becoming too greasy or oily.

6. Sea Algae extract is also an antioxidant, and it protects the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.

7. Unique gel for hydrating, moisturizing, softening, smoothening and freshening the skin. Aloeweed helps to hydrate the skin without making it oily, it also helps to reduce the skin heat and reddening.

Ingredients :

Water, Aloe Juice, Wheat germ oil, Triethanolamine, Carbapol 940, Methyl Paraben Sodium, Agar-Agar, Vitamin E, Propyl Paraben Sodium, Lavender.

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2 reviews for Rahul Phate Aloeweed Anti-Oxidant Micro Nourishing Gel 200g

  1. Satish Gaidhani

    एक अत्यंत मुलायम, उत्कृष्ट व मनमोहक सुगंधयुक्त, चेहरा स्वच्छतेची साठी अत्यंत उपयुक्त.
    मी स्वताः2016 पासुन रोज दाढी करुन झाल्यावर नियमीत वापरतो. विशेषतः व्यावसायिक मिटींग, मित्र-मैत्रीणी व आप्तेष्टांना भेटायला जातांना न विसरता वापरतो.
    अश्या उतक्रुष्ट प्रसाधना साठी म्रणालीनीझचे मनःपूर्वक अभिनंदन व शुभेच्छा.

  2. Sunil

    I am using Rahul Pahte’s products from a long time. All the products are genuine and are result oriented. I have been using Volume Care Shampoo for atleast 2 years and I am getting very awesome results. The texture of hair has improved drastically and you get a very superb bounce after use and it lasts for a longer period compaired to other premium segment products in the category

    Sunil Rayate

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