Rahul Phate

Dr. Rahul Phate

Rahul Madhuri Prabhakar Phate
Date of Birth: 16/6/1970
Savner, Dist. Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Mother: Late Mrs. Madhuri Phate

Father: Prabhakar Phate

Wife: Mrunalini Phate

Children: Dr. Tejaswini Phate and Aneeha Phate

Education: B Pharm, M. Pharm (Pharmacology) with Gold medal, Ph.D.

Jobs and Career:

Started Career with Neo-Pharma in 1995 as Management Trainee/ Area sales manager / Regional Sales Manager.
In January 1997 Joined ‘The College of Pharmacy Nashik, as a lecturer for Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy to B.Pharm & M.Pharm students for 6 years.

Business Career:

Decided to enter the field of Skin and hair care business with the strong support of Mrs. Mrunalini Phate in 1999. Started a business career with the first Ayurvedic Industry ‘Mrunalini’s Special Herbs’ which was a partnership firm, in Nashik district, with research-based Ayurvedic formulations for skin and hair care. Further Started Tejoprabha Beauty & Health Pvt. Ltd. In 2001, for expanding the business in the field of cosmeceuticals, Trichoceuticals, and Nutraceuticals where the workout with research-based Health Care products started as well.
The next big step of Business development was starting the second Industry for manufacturing Cosmeceuticals at ‘Mrunalini’s Ayurveda Pvt Ltd.’ In 2005. Multiple Research based cosmetics were made in this industry.
Started Rahul Phate’s Innovations which deals with cosmetic skin & hair care centres. Authentic cosmetic care is provided for skin and hair at different centers based in Dadar, Airoli, Belapur in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Ahmednagar, Nashik, Wardha, Nagpur, Ichalkaranji, etc.
Rahul Phate’s Academy of Beauty Sciences deals with the education in Beauty, Healthcare & wellness Industry.
Rahul Phate’s Nutraceutical Research products were started in 2018 when the step of nutrition was introduced to the beauty world, where the concept of wellness is attached to the cosmetic industry. A range of more than 15 Research-based Nutraceutical products launched.

Rahul Phate’s Research Achievements:

1. Started research career with research on Neurotransmitters- Neurotensin & TRH & their effects on stress-induced ulcers.
2. Research and study of Ancient Indian forest Herbs and their role in skin and hair care.
3. With molecular research on the cosmeceuticals launched the first concept of ‘Sustained Release Skin Peel’ for the controlled peeling of the skin.
4. Further with advanced molecular research Rahul Phate is the first name to launch the scalp peeling technology and scalp peel.
5. Advanced Research in Cosmetic Trichology and hair science, first-time launched scalp moisturizer & concept of Hair moisturizers.
6. Special study and Research on Ancient Forest Herbs in wellness & beauty.
7. Study & research on Diet-Nutrition & weight management concepts.
8. Launched New-Generation Cosmetics with the latest cosmeceutical actives specially designed for Indian skin and hair.

Spiritual Achievements:

1. Blessed with the spiritual guidance of Gurudev Shree Vasudevan and Saraswati-Tembe Swami Maharaj since 2001.
2. With the guidance of Gurudev, started research on the meditation procedure of Molecular Vibrations & Brahmachaitanya.
3. Scientific research on mind-focusing started under the guidance of Tembe swami.
4. Delivered a series of morning lecturers on the sadhana channel- ‘Kewal 10 minutes adhyatma ke’ for one complete year.

Spiritual Writings:

1. Brahmakamal: A series of writings on the real spiritual concepts, where people should understand the Hindu shastra and religious traditions, with the orientation to improve shraddha and reduce the superstition (अंधश्रद्धा).
2. Shruti-Kamal: A series of lectures on spiritual science with 150 episodes released in 2016.
3. द्विसाहस्त्री गुरुचरित्र- मराठी ओवीबद्ध गुरुचरित्र is a translation of Sanskrit Guru charitra written by gurudev Shree Vasudevanand Saraswati swami Maharaj (Tembe Swami).
4. आराध्य स्तोत्रे: A book on translation of several Sanskrit Stotras in Marathi.
5. देवी स्तोत्रे आणि आरत्या: A collection & writeup of stotra’s & aartis on devi sadhana, mainly written by Rahul Phate.
6. दत्त लीलामृत सागर सार, a book on Datta Charitra and Datta Sampraday this is a writing on the Datta Charitra, a landmark in Datta-Sampraday.
7. Ovibaddha Translation of 40th chapter of Navnaath Bhaktisar.
8. Karuna-Tripadi ani Datta Prarthana the regular chanting for Datta Bhaktas.
9. Guru Bavanni: A book on the collection of the 5 Bavannis, Datta Bavanni, Shreepad Bavanni, Nrusimvh-Saraswati Bavanni, Vasudev Bavanni and Shankar Bavanni. The 52 shloka charitras of the legends in Datta Sampraday.

On the Verge of Publication:

1. Anna-Brahma: The series of articles on the development of the food culture since the Vedic era, and the devotion and research of the ancient Indian Rishi’s and Rishika’s in the identification of food ingredients and development of the Vedic recipes.
2. Sama-Ovi Dnyaneshwari: The Ovibaddha Translation of Dnyaneshwari.
3. Bharatiya Sugandh Chikitsa: A book on Aroma Therapy, scripted in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.
4. Changdev Pasashti: The simple Marathi explanation of the 65 shlokas in Changdev pasashti.

Other Published Books:

1. तुमचे सौंदर्य तुमच्या हाती: A book on beauty, skin and hair care for personal guidance.
2. लठ्ठ लोकांसाठी पाकसिद्धी: A book on different recipes for diet and weight reduction benefits.
3. Anatomy Physiology & Health Education A book for B.Pharm/ Ayurveda and Homeopathy students.
4. Anatomy and Physiology for Diploma in Pharmacy.

Audio Creations and Albums Published:

1. Dhyan: The album on the scientific way of meditating on our own body.
2. Chakra & Upasana: An audio publication on the explanation of what are chakras and how to utilize the knowledge in Upasana.
3. Chakra & Sadhana Mantra: Different mantras for the different chakras. Chantin in a time-bound way, practices the yogi’s sadhana.
4. Nitya Upasana: The album on the daily Prarthana and stotras in Marathi. written/composed/sung by Rahul Phate.
5. Karuna Tripadi: This is the Datta Prarthana nityakram, for all the practitioners of Datta Sampradaya.
6. Devi Arti: An album on different Devi Arties written/composed/sung by Rahul Phate

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